We offer a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services designed to handle the complexities of international shipping. From freight consolidation and multi-modal transportation to customs clearance and documentation expertise, our services cover every aspect of your logistics requirements. Whether you need to ship by air, sea, road, or rail, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and securely. 

Our Services

Freight Forwarding

Custom Clearance


Distribution & Warehousing

Freight Consolidation

Documents & Compliance

 Fumigation Services

   Drawback Claims

Certificate of Origin

Licencing Services

RODTEP Application

Sale & Purchase of all types of duty credit scrips

EPCG & Advance Authorization Application & Closure Process.

Registration Services

IEC Code Updation &A application

AD code Registration or Modification

SIMS Registration for steel import

ICEGATE/Custom Registration For Online S. Bill copy.

RCMC Registration & Renewal

Rex Registration Services

Certification Services

Certificate of origin- Preferential & Non-Preferential

Health Certificate

Interest Equalization Scheme

AEO registration Services

Export House certificate

FSSAI Certificate Central Registration

Free Sale Certificate

Legislation of Export Documents

Other Services

Follow-up for pending Drawback Matter

IGST Refund Claim

Digital Signature (IEC BASED or Class 3)

Export consultancy Services